Saturday, March 26, 2011

Faso crosses the line in Chicago Heights

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Faso crosses the line in Chicago Heights

There are some things that are issues in an election, and then there are the lies. And some lies even go way beyond “integrity” and into the realm of libel and defamation.

The attacks by Chicago Heights Trustee Joseph Faso against Mayoral candidate David Gonzalez fit into that last category.

Here’s what happened.

Two candidates are running for mayor in Chicago Heights, Faso, who has been a trustee and political opportunist, and David Gonzalez who has been active in the community.

Gonzalez is waging a strong campaign, sticking to the issues and connecting with a lot of voters in Chicago Heights. His message has been positive, one of moving the city and all its residents forward.

Faso's message has been about mud. Yes mud.

Last week, Faso produced an online video that alleges that if elected, Gonzalez would commit crimes in office out of Chicago Heights City Hall if he were elected mayor. The crimes are so heinous (and false) I don’t want to repeat them.

The literature promoting the online video which is also running on Comcast Cable TV channels, according to news reports, makes other false allegations.

Now, if any of the allegations were true, there would be stories in the local news media.

But they are not true. Faso knows that putting out the lies that Gonzalez would sell drugs if he were elected will scare voters.

Here’s the story about Faso’s video from the Chicago Sun Times:

Chicago Heights mayoral candidate David Gonzalez is suing his opponent, Joe Faso, claiming Faso accused him in mailings and YouTube videos of selling drugs out of his Chicago Heights accounting firm.

The mailings and videos also claim the city pays Gonzalez’s home mortgage, according to the suit filed Thursday.

The campaign documents say Gonzalez would allow drugs to be sold out of city hall if he were elected, the suit says. The suit claims slander, libel and civil conspiracy. It also calls for Faso, the Integrity Party and Faso’s campaign manager, Alan Cottrell, to issue daily apologies and retractions in the Southtown Star until April 5.

The suit also seeks to order Faso to send automated phone calls to all Chicago Heights residents in which he apologizes and says the information in his commercials is false. Sun-Times Media

The lawsuit requests sound reasonable to me.

Faso owes Gonzalez an apology.  And maybe Faso should change the name of his political party to something other than “the Integrity Party.”

I don’t see any “Integrity” in the video or false charges that Faso has made in this election.

Ray Hanania

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jonval89 said...

Joe Faso, has crossed the line. If he is lieing all throughout his campaign. How do you think he will act in office. David Gonzalez for Mayor