Thursday, March 31, 2011

Downers Grove Community Advocates Endorse Candidates for Village Council and Park Board

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Downers Grove Community Advocates Endorse Candidates for Village Council and Park Board

The Downers Grove Community Advocates are pleased to announce their endorsements of Downers Grove Village Council and the Downers Grove Park Board candidates in the April 5th election.

At a forum on February 26, held at Downers Grove Fire Station #2, 5420 Main Street, each candidate was given the opportunity to make a brief presentation and then participated in a question and answer session followed by a closing statement. All candidates were asked the same questions in the same order and were allotted the same time.

In addition, candidates submitted answers to a brief questionnaire prior to the forum. The DGCA's decision to endorse these candidates was based on the responses to the questions asked, both written and verbal. Factoring in to the decision was the experience and knowledge DGCA members have of current and historical village issues. It is the policy of the DGCA to endorse for the number of positions available.  

The following candidates were endorsed 

For Village Council

Geoff Neustadt (website)
Becky Rheintgen (website)

For Mayor

Martin Tully (website)

For Park Board 

Mark Roman (website)
Robert Gelwicks
Cathy Mahoney
Matt Cushing

The DGCA’s purpose is as follows: “We are a diverse and experienced group of residents who see the awesome opportunities before our great community. We are here to provide a positive, constructive and Independent voice in the discussions that will shape our community’s future. Because we are a politically diverse group of people with many years of community service in government, the library, the schools and other civic groups, we believe we are uniquely capable of helping to meet this need.  Our goals are to promote the best attributes of our village and to explore and inform citizens about those issues facing our community that will have an impact for many years to come.”

The DGCA believes that our endorsed candidates best embody this purpose and will serve the Village with integrity, objectivity and careful consideration of all sides of all issue before reaching decisions which best meet the needs of the citizens of Downers Grove.

Two Village Council candidates, Michael Maley and Dominic Scalzetti, declined the DGCA’s invitation to appear before the caucus or to provide information on their positions.  


The Downers Grove Community Advocates exist to reach out and to work positively for the best of our community.  The DGCA was founded in 2004 by members whose combined community service totals over 463 years as elected officials, board and committee members and volunteers in local organizations.  We conduct a thorough process including questionnaires, written statements and public interviews.  The longevity, diversity and range of our service demonstrate our longstanding, unwavering commitment to the community.

Daniel McInerney, President 
Megan Schroeder, Secretary

Greg Beggs
Michael Carter
Betty Cheever
Hilary Denk
Kathleen DiCola
Tinker Harvey
Jan Kopis
Dan McInerney
John Mochel
Nancy Peraino
Ken Rathje
Jim Russ, Jr.
Megan Schroeder

Founding and Past Members

Stephen Daniels
Robert Barnett
George Nicholaou
Randy Stark

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