Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Des Plaines police bring incident to positive ending

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At approximately 3 PM, Tuesday, May 31, 2011, the  Des Plaines Police Department responded to the vicinity of Plainfield Drive and Everett for a person displaying a gun and threatening kids in the area.  Responding officers called for a lockdown at Plainfield School and Maine West High School until the issue could be resolved.

It was determined that a person who resides in the mobile home park, 815 E. Oakton Street, parked his car in the vicinity of Plainfield and Everett.  He became involved in a dispute with some high school aged children near the corner and some words were exchanged.  The person went to his trailer and came back outside displaying a handgun - that was ultimately determined to be a BB-gun.  

Within several minutes of responding to the area, officers were able to determine which trailer the offender lived in and he gave himself up without incident.  Charges are pending and the lockdown was lifted within 20-30 minutes of its original implementation.  No one was injured in the incident and the offender did not come on to Plainfield or Maine West High School property.

Chief Jim Prandini

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