Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix to double their prices ... still cheaper than Comcast Cable

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Netflix has enjoyed a surge in membership over the past few years, but the online video rental company is moving towards greed and more money announcing that beginning at the end of this month, the subscription rate will double.

Netflix will be separating its online viewing from its free DVD delivery by mail system. Tha means that if you want both, you will have to pay nearly double the cost.

The streaming cost is now $7.99 and the One DVD out at a time cost is an additional $7.99. I used to like Netflix, although I have only been a member for about six months. The Netflix movies offered better choices, sometimes, than Comcast Cable TV which has turned in to a greedy milk the consumer operation where even old worthless films now cost money.

Netflix allows you to also subscribe to other options, like taking two DVDs out at one time, for $11.99 a month.

It wasn't a tough choice to drop the Netflix by mail option. It's not worth $7.99 a month. And now my monthly cost is dropping form $9.99 a month to only $7.99. I'll keep trying it but the reality is it is still cheaper and more convenient to go to Red Box to watch movies, even if a few movies are held back by the companies from Red Box to maximize their greedy profits. (I don't mind paying in exchange for good quality service, but pure greed is what's driving Comcast and Netflix.)

Eventually, I'll probably drop Netflix and stick to Red Box. Of course, if Red Box were smart, they would offer the movies online. That would be a no-brainer. I find that I actually spend more when the price is cheaper. But once greed factors in, it's just a reminder to save money. Dropping Netflix will save money.

I've already trimmed back Comcast and will probably also drop the service soon, too. Anytime you pay over $200 for a cable service, you know you are being ripped off. I may keep the internet access, if that's an option, or go somewhere else. That's one reason why I have been migrating to a new email account at Google's very reliable and free GMail service.

-- Ray Hanania

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