Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is the problem with Palos Hills, Willow Springs and the Cook County Forest Preserve District?

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What is the problem with Palos Hills, Willow Springs, IDOT and the Cook County Forest Preserve District?

I ask that because every time there is a ComEd outage, the traffic lights at 107th and LaGrange Road go out. And I don't mean out just for a few hours. I mean for days on end. Once again, we had a storm and ComEd, which makes millions of dollars in profits for the owners of its parent company Exelon, couldn't maintain electrical service.

ComEd's track record is so bad that if they were in any other line of business, they would have gone bankrupt and the owners would probably face legal challenges for irresponsible behavior and conduct.

Yet no one is held accountable at ComEd but then no one in Willow Springs, Palos Hills or the Cook County Forest Preserve District are held accountable, either.

Why isn't there a police officer directing traffic at 107th and LaGrange Road?

Well, all of the municipalities have facing severe budget stress. They spend too much and offer too little in services. One important service would be to manage the intersection. Is it the fault of IDOT as a state road? Probably. But have you ever seen a state trooper directing traffic at an important intersection?

Who do we hold accountable? Or do we just deal with the pathetic lack of government service and sit in traffic every morning, every night and all day at 107th and LaGrange Road. Can't Palos Hills step up to the plate? Or maybe Willow Springs? How about the County or IDOT? If they none of them can take responsibility, maybe none of them deserve to be government agencies funded by taxpayer dollars. We're certainly not getting our monies worth from any of them.

The problems has been going on for days. I don't think anyone cares. It's surrounded by forest preserves on all sides but that's no excuse. Someone is responsible. How about rounding up those cops from Dunkin Donuts and get them walking a bit to lose a little weight. Seriously, there were three cops at 95th and LaGrange dealing with a speeder -- that generates money for the municipal coffers. And they looked more overweight that Two Ton Baker. (Remember him?)

Get off your lazy butts and do some work, that includes not just the cops but the government officials. Seriously. Doesn't anyone care?

-- Ray Hanania

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