Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sickened over the Casey Anthony jury decision

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Nothing has been more disgusting than the decision by the jury in Orlando Florida rejecting any responsibility by Casey Anthony for the shocking death of her child, Caylee, that she kept a secret for nearly one month. Clearly the prosecutors made a tactical mistake to push as hard as they could to try and convict Anthony, the smug uncaring mother of the little girl whose bone remains and clothing were found in a watery marsh wrapped in a garbage bag.

The thought of this case makes me sick.

But there is no doubt that Casey Anthony was hiding something and a review of the basic facts proved beyond a doubt that Casey Anthony knew something but was trying to keep it a secret.

How does the mother of a young child not anguish over the loss of a child, even if that child died by accident. Her only concern was for herself. And it wasn't just the partying. It was the smugness in which she pretended her daughter no longer mattered, now that she was dead. The outrageous selfishness worried about herself and protesting to her own mother that she was more concerned about the dead baby girl than her.

But the jury is pathetic. They are morons. Idiots. Fools. Rather than using common sense, they decided to punish the prosecutors for failing to prove how the baby was killed. The tragedy in many murders is that there are no live witnesses to the crimes and the only means of determining the truth is through what little forensic evidence might have remained. This little girl's body deteriorated in a watery grave in a plastic garbage bag for nearly a month.

Casey Anthony is a monster. She deserved to remain in jail for the rest of her life, if not for having murdered her daughter than for helping to cover the death up. It was HER responsibility to protect the child and that failure deserves punishment. Her refusal to even cooperate and help the world know what really happened to her daughter, Caylee.

The jurors should be ashamed of themselves. No one should cite them with having stood by justice. They committed a gross injustice. They are shameful and will stand forever as examples of the corruption of our judicial system and the how ignorant and uneducated and moronic members of the public can be.

And as for Casey Anthony's pathetic excuse for a lawyer, Cheney Mason, who worked with lead attorney Jose Baez, Mason should resign or worse be denied any rights to represent anyone in the future. His holier-than-thou lecture condemning the media coverage is outrageous. The fact is that if Mason has the right to pillory the media, then the public certainly has the SAME right to express outrage at them, and at the Demon Mother Casey Anthony. God protect any child who has a mother like Casey Anthony. No human being on this Earth deserves that kind of injustice.

-- Ray Hanania
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