Monday, November 1, 2010

Tony Peraica caught red-handed ripping down signs, mugshot taken

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McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski called Tony Peraica's assertions that he set Peraica up for an arrest Saturday night "ridiculous."

And Tobolski has the weight of th efacts on his side.

1 - Peraica was first stopped in Stickney where police suspected but had no witnesses to prove he was driving around vandalizing signs.

2 - Peraica was all dressed in black to disguise himself that late at night.

3 - He was stopped 30 minutes later in McCook, after leaving STickney, by a McCook police officer who saw him pulling out of a driveway belonging to an 80 year old lady who had a Tobolski sign that was vandalized. The police officer pulled him over.

4 - The lady in the home said Peraica never came to her door to ask to put up any Peraica signs.

5 - Peraica lied saying he was putting up his own signs, but the police said there were no such Peraica signs in the van he was driving with a campaign worker.

6 - A man who lived above the McCook Bohemian restaurant came out after seeing the commotion to complain he saw Peraica destroy signs on his property.

7 - Peraica says this was all set-up except that of course, did Tobolski lure Peraica in to McCook to be stopped? What was Peraica really doing in McCook? Do you know how hard it would be to set something like this up?

Peraica is full of beans and the running joke now is that if Peraica and his cohorts are thrown out of office Tuesday, Nov. 2, he'll probably go in to a business ripping down signs. Because that seems to be all he is good at.

Click here to listen to the radio interview with Tobolski, Peraica's challenger for the 16th Cook County District, and comments from callers.

Here's Peraica's mug shot one more time.

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