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Illinois Civil Justice League issues judicial endorsements

January 25, 2008 (312) 301-9055

Illinois Civil Justice League Issues Judicial Endorsements for February 5 Primary Election

CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois Civil Justice League, through JUSTPAC, the organization’s political action committee, has issued its endorsements for circuit court vacancies in the February 5th Primary Election.

“We are proud to endorse these candidates, each of whom has exhibited a commitment to a fair and impartial legal system,” said Ed Murnane, president of ICJL. “The voters should know that casting a vote for these candidates is a vote for honest and common sense – and in favor of a civil justice system that is fair to all sides.”

Following are the circuit court candidates endorsed for the Primary Election:
For Cook County Circuit Court (Montelione Vacancy):Debra Walker (Democrat)For Cook County Circuit Court (Nowicki Vacancy):Michael B. Hyman (Democrat)For 10th Subcircuit (Cook County – Pucinski Vacancy):Eileen O’Neill Burke (Democrat)For 13th Subcircuit (Cook County - Republican Nomination):Margarita Kulys HoffmanFor 1st Circuit (Stewart Vacancy, Republican Nomination):James “Randy” MooreFor 12th Circuit 2nd Subcircuit (New Seat, Republican Nomination):Elizabeth DowFor 18th Circuit (Moy Vacancy, Republican Nomination):Dorothy French
The ICJL and JUSTPAC intend to endorse additional candidates in the 2008 General Election and candidates who are unopposed in the primary were not evaluated for this first endorsement. All candidates for judicial office in Illinois were invited – twice – to respond to the Illinois Civil Justice League’s candidate questionnaire and to provide additional information about themselves and their qualifications.Only candidates who responded were considered for endorsement. All the information provided by the candidates, including their response to the ICJL questionnaire, is available on Information about the candidates may be found by following the links to their pages on

The Illinois Civil Justice League is a coalition of Illinois citizens, small and large businesses, associations, professional societies, not-for-profit organizations and local governments that have joined together to work for fairness in the Illinois civil justice system. Learn more at

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