Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jerry Bennett fundraiser draws 19th ward supporters

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Bennett Bash at Bourbon Street

19th Ward Operations Shaping up for Bennett’s Bid to Oust Lipinski

[CHICAGO, Illinois] -- Demonstrating his growing support in key regions of the Third Congressional District, supporters in the 19th Ward communities of Beverly and Mount Greenwood are hosting a campaign event today at Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park for Democratic challenger to Dan Lipinski, Mayor Jerry Bennett.

“We are building a grassroots network of local leaders and elected officials in this campaign to bring renewed pride to our Congressional District and change to Washington, DC,” says Jerry Bennett of his network of support in the 19th Ward and throughout the 3rd CD.
“Our support is homegrown in the district and we have the momentum in these final days before the election.”

Last month, Bennett enjoyed a strong turnout of supporters at an event in Berwyn at Michael Anthony’s restaurant. The campaign has also held house parties in La Grange, Palos Hills, as well as lined up ground operations in Worth, Lyons, Stickney and the 11th, 13th and 23rd Wards of Chicago.

Bennett’s energetic leadership and proven accomplishments for Southland communities stem from his life-long roots and record in the area. Born and raised in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood of Chicago, Bennett went to school in Beverly and also lived in the community right after he and his wife, Christine, were married in 1970. Both sides of Bennett’s family are from the District … his wife grew up in Chicago’s Garfield Ridge near Midway Airport.

19th Ward leaders, including John Sullivan who ran against Dan Lipinski in 2006 and Maureen Kelly, co-hosted the event along with Bennett’s sisters Kathy Guitierrez and Barb Bennett.


A proven leader with a proven record to change Washington DC, Jerry Bennett is running for Congress to get the U.S. out of Iraq, get the economy back on track and pass universal health care. As Mayor of Palos Hills for 27 years and a small business owner, Bennett is the only candidate running in the Third Congressional District who has the experience providing good jobs with real benefits and standing up for what is right for our region.

A lifelong resident of the Third Congressional District, Bennett’s roots and record run deep. Born and raised in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood of the City of Chicago, Bennett went to school in Mt.
Greenwood and lived in Beverly with his wife Christine when they were first married. Christine grew up in Garfield Heights near Midway Airport. They moved to Palos Hills to raise their three daughters - Sara, Rebecca and Kristen.

As President of the Illinois Municipal League and Chair of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Jerry Bennett has worked with leaders across the region to implement and deliver critical economic development initiatives and quality of life proposals.
Many of the suburban towns of the Third Congressional District are represented by the Southwest Conference of Mayors, which Bennett founded to provide a strong, united voice in Washington, DC and Springfield.
Bennett also started Southwest Central Dispatch – covering this area and beyond – which coordinates critical first-responders such as fire, police and EMT in life-saving emergencies

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