Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul supporters organize "Sign Wave" for Paul Sun Jan. 20

Thursday, January 17, 2008:

In support of presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, Pamela Nachel, an Orland Park resident, has organized a "Sign Wave" event to be held on Sunday, January 20, from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at 151st Street & LaGrange Road in Orland Park. Fifty area supporters are expected to attend to raise awareness of the Texas congressman's campaign.

"Dr. Paul is the foremost expert on monetary policy," Nachel says. "He understands the money crunch Americans are feeling due to high taxes and high inflation." She adds that he is also the only presidential candidate who supports the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq; ending a war that is costing America approximately $275 million per day.

Dr. Paul recently received 6 percent of the vote in the Michigan Primary Election, beating candidates Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. Ron Paul now places fourth among seven Republican candidates in the national popular vote after a few early primaries. He also placed a strong third last summer in an Illinois Republican Party-sponsored straw poll in Springfield.

Ron Paul has Delegate and Alternate Delegate candidates on the Republican primary ballot in every district in Illinois. Rob Willett, who is one of the Republican delegate candidates running in the 13th Congressional District in support of Ron Paul, will be attending this event on Sunday.

Also attending will be a number of residents from Orland Park, as well as volunteers and supporters of Ron Paul from all around Cook County. Other Ron Paul supporters are driving in from as far away as Lowell, Indiana, in support of his message of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

For questions about this press release, please contact:
Rob Willett
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Pamela Nachel
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January 14, 2008 (815) 472-4159

CHICAGO ― The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee last week opened four additional offices in the state of Illinois . The new field offices - in Downers Grove, Bloomington , Edwardsville and Carbondale – will serve supporters mobilizing to reach voters in advance of the February 5 primary election. Ron Paul has delegate and alternate candidates on the Republican primary ballot in every congressional district in Illinois.

"Backing for Dr. Paul is widespread in Illinois," remarked Dr. Joe Cesarone, Ron Paul 2008 Illinois campaign coordinator. "These offices will function as regional hubs, operating to maximize the dissemination of Ron Paul's unique, resounding message of true limited government and individual freedom.

"Momentum for this campaign began building in Illinois early in 2007," added Cesarone. "We've seen exponential growth in support since that time and anticipate a strong showing February 5."

Ron Paul's Illinois appeal was confirmed in August 2007, when he pulled a strong third, with 19 percent, at the Illinois Republican Party presidential straw poll in Springfield. The next month, he drew 1,500 to a Chicago rally.

The Ron Paul 2008 DuPage County Field Office is located at 5002 Main Street in Downers Grove ; the Central Illinois Field Office, at 1605 South Morrissey, #101, in Bloomington; the Southern Illinois Field Office, at 816 East Main Street in Carbondale; and the Southwestern Illinois Field Office, at 211 E. Vandalia St. in Edwardsville. Grand opening events currently are being scheduled for each location.

Other Ron Paul 2008 Illinois campaign offices are the Suburban Cook County Headquarters in Arlington Heights and the Chicago Headquarters.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Lisa Wogan, Illinois communications coordinator,
(815) 472-5159 or (815) 355-4159 mobile;

Lisa M. WoganIL Communications CoordinatorRon Paul 2008www.RonPaul2008.com815-472-4159 or 815-355-4159 (mobile)