Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Credit Reports are not free at all

Every once inawhile I will try to address consumer issues that affect many people. If you have an interesting one, send it to me and I will check it out. This came from a reader who said she wanted to get here "Free Credit Report."

You've heard that jingle on TV where the "dude" sings his song about how he had a lousy credit and didn't know it and it ruined his life. He tells you to go to and get your "free" report. Well, it's not as "free" as they claim. There are, as always, strongs attached.

You get a free credit report ONLY if you enter your credit card and sign up to pay a monthly fee to get the service. If you don't fill out the credit card information, and agree to make the monthly payments, you won't get the free credit report. And, when you do fill out the credit card information, if you don't call them to cancel AFTER receiving the report, they can start billing you.

Is that "free?"

I think the dude should start singing a new tune.
I don't think so.

How come our elected officials don't crack down on companies like that? A Free Report should be free, no strings attached.

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