Thursday, August 28, 2008

T. Boone Pickens can go to HELL! And take his crappy energy plan with him

Many people may have forgotten that T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire oilman who made his fortune as a robber baron ripping of the public with his oil industry profiteering, was in fact the sleazy financier of the even sleazier Swift Boat attack ads against John Kerry, who should have won the 2004 presidential election, saving this country from four more years of George W. Bush.

The Swift Boat campaign was based on lies, exaggerations and a terrible disrespect to Kerry, a Vietnam era hero who served frontline in the heart of the Vietnam War when he was called to duty, while Chicken Goegre Bush hid in the ranks among the reserves, a place where many clout-heavy silver-spoon fed children hid to avoid frontline military service.

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, an odious insidious campaign of lies, broadcast TV advertisements funded by Pickens to muddy up Kerry. The ads were pernicious because they distorted and confused the issues involving Kerry's heroic service in order to undermine his campaign, while they ignored the FACT that Bush was a coward who avoided frontline military service during the heat of the Vietnam War.

Ironically, Pickens NEVER served in the military defending this country, as far as my research shows. And -- the billionaire sleazebag oil tycoon won't answer any of my telephone calls to his companies.

So who do you think was schmoozing his way along the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Denver? T. Boone Pickens. the loser! And he had the gall to go up to Kerry and introduce himself.

Pickens vowed to give $1 million to anyone who could prove one thing inaccurate in the ads, credited in part with destroying Kerry's presidential quest. But the truth is you can take the truth and twist it around so badly that it can look bad ... to say that Kerry did not fight on the frontlines while the coward Bush hid -- he didn't even show up for much of his reserve service because he was tapped by daddie to campaign for another congressional pal. LOSER!

Now Pickens wants us to believe that he cares about America. That he has a plan to help save this country from the energy debacle that his industry helped create and is destroying today with outrageous oil prices.

We don't need you Pickens. If you have anything to say, the American people don't need to hear it. Your conduct during the campaign was disgraceful, pathetic and shameful. You are a disgrace. And anything you have to say is not worth hearing.

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