Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain has chance to grab the presidency -- Ray Hanania

McCain has a chance to grab the presidency

By Ray Hanania

John McCain is not my choice for president. But he sure has a chance to win the presidency this November. He just has to make the right choice.

Will he?

My perspective on McCain is tugged between him being the silent accomplice watching and witnessing as President Bush and his "Cabinet of Evil" orchestrated one of the world’s greatest frauds and war crimes lying to send our soldiers to Iraq to avenge the lost honor of his father, George H.W. Bush, the former president.

On the other hand, McCain the Republican is the only other choice left as Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate runs out of steam and his Democratic Convention putters along, boringly and with no real inspiration.

That’s the problem with "phenoms," a cute word contrived by his spin-masters to describe Obama as a "phenomena." They start out strong and run out of steam.

The first night of the Democratic Convention should have opened like the Beijing Olympics. Dazzling inspiration and awe-inspiring choreography that took our minds away from China’s history of tyranny and oppressive civil rights abuses.

Instead, the ObamaFest in Denver looked more like a boring remake of a popular movie that just isn’t better than the original.

I’m tired of the Kennedys, the Irish political mafia clan that has exploited the inspiration of two sons murdered by American hate. Sure, the Kennedys are great people, but is that what we need in today’s day and age to inspire us?

Michelle Obama was a poor choice to keynote the Denver Convention. She is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But the issue isn’t whether or not we need to know how loving of a husband Barack has been. She didn’t speak to the "Democratic Street."

In fact, what is happening on the "Democratic Street" on the floor of the convention, on the news talk programs and even right here in Chicago, Obama’s own back yard, is that Obama hasn’t delivered on his "phenom" promises.

Hillary Clinton remains a formidable force and even if she tells her supporters to support Barack, we know she doesn’t mean it. The fact is Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have been disrespected by the Obama’s and his expensive and over-funded campaign machine.

When it comes to our economy, Bill Clinton was the best president we ever had. Better than Ronald Reagan.

Despite his personal flaw with Monica Lewinsky which was little more than gristle for the hate-mongering Republican and Conservative news media, and his fumbling of his last minute Middle East peace efforts, Clinton was the real "phenom."

And instead of starting the convention with Sen. Ted Kennedy – the least loved of all the Kennedy clan, or even with Michelle Obama, a nice lady, the convention should have started with a bang. A Powerful speech from Bill Clinton, followed tonight by a powerful speech by Hillary Clinton.

That’s what’s lacking in the Obama candidacy. He is too insecure about the Clintons and it shows. He is too afraid that they can steal the show. Obama might become a great president, if he had someone at his side who many Americans can trust.

Senator Joe Biden? Give me a break. He’s a selfish political animal who has pandered to his constituency and has ruled the Senate Foreign Relations Committee only since Democrats took control of the Senate and has done what? Nothing. A cowardly lion on a committee of power.
The Democratic Covention is over before it even started.

I don’t care how much Hillary Clinton urges her supporters to support Barack Obama.
The bottom line is many Americans are wondering whether a gamble on Barack for four years will be any worse than a gamble on a "mini-me" George Bush in the form of John McCain.

McCain may represent a third-term Bush – the only difference is that while Bush hid from his patriotic military service during the height of the Vietnam War, McCain showed courage.

By the way, what war did Obama serve in? The South Side political wars?

McCain may be a Republican clinging to a party that has driven this country into an economic tailspin and caused the world to hate us even more.

But McCain might only be in office for four years. And that means that Hillary Clinton could easily and would most certainly become the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in 2012.

And so far, there is little convincing evidence that that is a bad thing.

McCain has a chance to win. He needs to do something inspirational if he hopes to win the support of the disgruntled Clinton voters, who represent MORE than half of the voting Democrats, even counting the "independents" who swing back and forth at elections and supported Obama this time.

His choice of a vice presidential candidate is his last shot at securing the election this November.
If it is Rudy Giuliani, he might as well say goodnight. Giuliani is a George Bush who knows how to lie better. If it is disgruntled Sen. Joseph Lieberman, McCain can say goodbye to an opportunity. Lieberman is a disloyal Democrat who disrespected the wishes of the Democratic voters in his state.

It’s up to you John McCain.

This is your election to win or lose.

You will decide whether Obama’s so far uninspiring convention will lead to a victory or whether you can steal the thunder.

Do you care about American Democrats?

Or, are you so wedded to Republican ideology that you can’t see what’s best for America as a whole?


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