Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Average Joe Help Site for people who want to run for local elective office

radio Chicagoland and the has set up a support network to help The Average Joes/Josies -- individuals and regular people -- run for local office like mayor, trustee and also park, school board and library board positions. We'll not only have the documentation available for you to download and fill out, to file for the offices, but we will also have the calendar information and even make some election lawyers available to give you advice ...

The system is being set up at ... Now is the time to start thinking about filing your nomination papers and collecting your sigantures for the April 7, 2009 consolidated elections.

Orland Park is one of our prime target communities, but we will help candidates file in EVERY suburban locale FREE OF CHARGE.

We'll also offer guidance on how to manage and structure your campaigns, to get media and to do direct mail offering companies that provide the services efficiently and cheaply. We even have a few willing to drastically reduce their costs to help you.

AND, we will promote any and all candidates on our radio program, our web site network (which brings in more than 3,000 hits every day) and in our newspaper columns and interviews.

We are going to help give you a leg-up on the system, the incumbents and the corrupt and failing news media outlets.

-- Ray Hanania

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