Friday, October 24, 2008

County Republicans chastise Mayor Daley on his disrespect to victims of Jon Burge

Cook County Republican Party
Lee Roupas, Chairman
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Chicago, IL 60642
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F: (773) 235-9466
Mayor Jokes About Torture, Alvarez Silent
Unlike Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley, the Cook County Republican Party takes the issue of Police misconduct and government cover-ups seriously.
While misconduct among the brave men and women of local police departments is rare, it must be taken seriously and punished accordingly when it does occur. It should never be brushed under the rug and the responsibility to bring the culprits to justice should not be shirked.

During a press conference this week, the Mayor tried to distance himself from the face of police torture, former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.

“The best way is to say, 'Okay. I apologize to everybody [for] whatever happened to anybody in the city of Chicago.' So, I apologize to everybody. Whatever happened to them in the city of Chicago in the past, I apologize. I didn't do it, but somebody else did it,” Daley said, laughing.

Charges against Burge surfaced in the 1980s while Daley served as Cook County State’s Attorney. Some of the forced confessions from Burge’s tortured victims would go on to be used by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. Daley shares part of the responsibility.

Anita Alvarez, candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney, was initially brought into that office by Daley and promoted by the current office holder, Dick Devine. Both men perpetuated the code of silence around police torture. Alvarez has served for 22 years without raising objections to that code.

Over 200 citizens suffered as a result of police torture. Alvarez could’ve helped change the attitude in the State’s Attorney’s office but instead was silent. Now the Mayor makes jokes about it and Alvarez wants to say how she would’ve done things different.

Twenty two years was plenty of time to speak up. It’s too late now.


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