Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the plumber should SHUT UP

John McCain says he is not President Bush, but he might as well be the way he voted int he Congress and to try and distance himself from President Bush has to do more with politics than the truth. If Bush were popular -- and he is not, he is one of the worst rated presidents in American history -- McCain would be wrapping himself all over him, and probably would have nominated him for Vice president.

McCain repeatedly defended Bush, supported Bush and embraced Bush's policies. To now come out and try to be cute by saying Barack Obama should have runa gainst Bush four years ago. Well, Maybe McCain should have run against Bush four years ago, too, instead of just eight years ago.

McCain makes a big deal about a guy named "Joe the plumber." The fact is Joe the Plumber has a business that makes more than $250,000 a year and the fact is that is who should be taxed (proportionately) and for those businesses making more. The burden of taxes SHOULD NOT BE on the people who make less than $250,000. The real burden would be on those businesses who are ripping us off in the finance, banking and investment industry who are making $250 million a year. That's who will carry the burden of taxes, not Joe the plumber who will be taxed, but far less than those making more than him.

Hey Joe, when you make more money, you SHOULD pay more taxes.

Obama is not going to raise the taxes of average Americans.

AND ... Joe the Plumber WAS on TV this morning on ABC News and he said he WASN'T making $250,000 a year but just hoping he could make that much money. And Joe the Plumber then defended people making Millions of Dollars in income a year and asked "Why should those people be singled out and taxed? That's a socialist view."

What, are you an idiot Joe the Plumber? "A Socialist View" to make the rich pay more? That's called Robinhood you idiot.

Joe the Plumber should have stayed away from the television news because you sound like a REAL IDIOT!

The people making $250,000 a year or more in INCOME represent less than 4 percent of the people in America. Is that the argument that McCain is making. Poor millionaires. They're the victims of "Socialism?"

-- Ray Hanania

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