Thursday, October 16, 2008

YESSSSSS ... in the fight against litter bugs

This story is the best so far, from the Chicago Tribune:

Orland Park man charged with flinging bag full of papers out of a car onto street
Tribune staff report
October 16, 2008
An Orland Park man was cited for littering from a motor vehicle after he allegedly hurled a bag full of papers out of the passenger side window in the 11700 block of Greenfield Drive.

William Burgy, 19, of the 17800 block of Brookfield Circle was issued a ticket last week after a resident saw him throw the papers, police said. The resident found a receipt with the car owner's name and address on it, police said.

Burgy admitted to throwing the litter, police said.

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It's about time litterbugs get nailed. The worst thing is to see so much litter flying around Orland Park. We have a HUGE litter problem. Just come down any neighborhood street off of a main street like 151st or LaGrange road and you can see the litter flying around.

So, yeah, for the person who picked up the bag and found a receipt it in that led to the litterbug.

Too bad he's the target of the problem. He's young and young people often do things without thinking. The bigger problem though are the adults who do it. They SHOULD be nabbed.

-- Ray Hanania

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