Wednesday, April 22, 2009

23 home foreclosures just this week in Orland Park

Home foreclosures are hitting a new high all over and including in Orland Park and there is no typical home cost involved. They range from small condos in the $90,000 range to two homes in the exclusive Crystal Tree gated subdivision.

There have been a total of 23 foreclosures just this week. And that's consistent with the prior week.

It's slightly worse in neighboring Tinley park where 24 homes went into foreclosure this week.

You have to be careful about realtors and banks. They're like predators hoping to turn a high profit off of your personal family tragedy.

Hopefully, some of President Obama's programs might be able to turn around the disaster that former President George W. Bush brought on all of us.

-- Ray Hanania



That was a cheap shot at former President Bush. You better go back and check the facts and see who was pushing the get rich quick schemes. I haven't seen any real fixes to the foreclosure problems .Maybe you should hold back on your praise of President Obama. If foreclosures are increasing it means there has been no or very little progress.

Ray said...

Funny how Bush destroys the country over the past eight years and Obama is in office only 90 days and suddenly it's all Obama's fault. Of course, if they prosecute Cheney for using torture, he'll probably squeal like a stuck pig and blame everything on George. Cheap shot or not, the real culprits are the realtors who have been misleading homeowners into mortgage loands they couldn't afford. Maybe someone should look closely into that "industry."

-- Ray Hanania

Orland Park Resident said...

Realtors...predators hoping to turn a high profit..completely unfair statement! With a comment like this, it is obvious you have not worked with a good realtor!