Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Orland/Tinley area resident Deputy US Marshall John Ambrose convicted in leaking info to mob

John Ambrose, a resident of the Orland/Tinley Park area and a Deputy US Marshall, was convicted today of stealing and leaking information to the mob (Chicago Outfit) on the whereabouts of Nick Calabrese, a key mob informant for Federal Authorities who helped bring down numerous Chicago mobsters in the "Family Secrets" investigation.

Ambrose's father was a convicted felon and former police officer who was close to several of the mobsters involved. His son, John Ambrose, was assigned to protect Calabrese at a Chicago safehouse on two occasions.

A jury convicted Ambrose of stealing information on Calabrese that he was not entitled to obtain and leaking that information to individuals who passed it on the mobsters.

One of the Alternate Jurors in the case joined me on a aspecial edition of Radio Chicagoland Tuesday afternoon minutes after the jury decision was announced (4-5 pm when I substitute hosted for Judy Baar Topinka). The alternate juror, whose name is being withheld for safety, discussed the case and the evidence and his observations in this 25 minute interview during the special broadcast program.

Click here to listen to the podcast of the interview?

-- Ray Hanania

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