Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apprehensive about getting a Camera Traffic Light ticket? You have one chance

Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said that the Police Department is processing tickets from the traffic cameras at 151st and LaGrange and Harlem Avenues, but that no fines will be assessed. At least for now.

"We're only going to issue warning tickets for now," McCarthy said. "It will take time to get them processed."

The time delays in processing traffic camera tickets are notoriously slow in most municipalities. But for now, you'll get a warning, which should be taken seriously. Chances are those who get the warnings probably have the bad turning and red-light habits. So, if you get one, make a mental note to make that full stop at the light, before turning. And, that means you will probably keep doing it if you don't pay attention now.

So be thankful the first citations will be warnings. (And if you get one, email me and tell me what happened.)

The actual tickets are not scheduled to begin possibly for another month, McCarthy said.

It shows government compassion and sometimes there isn't enough of that going around.

-- Ray Hanania

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