Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bolingbrook Boss Claar called out on questionable dealings

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Bolingbrook Mayor and Boss Roger Claar has a stranglehold on the community and oppresses anyone who challenges his policies. He denied the voters the right of choice in the last election and kicked off his strongest challenger Bonnie Alecia Kurowski.

But the Chicago Tribune has detailed his high flying expenses and donations ... he gets an unbelievable amount of money from contractors working with Bolingbrook. He has more than $5 million in his political election warchest and $1 million in investments.

Government service has sure worked for Roger Claar.

But it has nothing to do with city business.

The tragedy is Claar seems to care more about himself than the resident.s Voter turnout is at a low in Bolingbrook, according to his chief challenger Kurowski who was removed by Claar's challenge from the election ballot last April but who ran an honorable and respectful write-in candidacy despite Claar's repressive actions.

Hey, if the residents of Bolingbrook don't care, though, why should anyone?

How about the idea that elected officials should be raising funds for the benefit of the public and do the job of supporting free speech and democracy and registering more residents to vote and getting more residents to vote?

You'd have to be a good politician to do that, though.

-- Ray Hanania

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