Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strategic Diet going smoothly so far

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My Strategic Diet, specifically designed to lose 45 pounds in the next six weeks and then transition to a healthy eating plan is going well.

My actual weight is 215.5 lbs when I started (221 pounds with clothing, wallet, etc). I started Saturday August 22 (2009). Today, my weight is exactly 215 lbs.

The Strategic Diet is simple. All protein (Atkins) for six weeks, no carbohydrates. Followed by the Mediterranean Diet (using Wild garden Hummus Dip as a base) for the remainder. The key is loose the weight, and then keep it off with healthy eating and nothing is more healthier than the Mediterranean Diet.

I went to Jewel Saturday and stocked the refrigerator with basics for the all-protein diet. ABout two dozen steaks, diet Coke, 20 cans of Chunk White Tuna, sardines, Crystal Light (pomegranate, cranberry and raspberry -- no sugar at all), and several blocks of Sharp Cheddar cheese.

Today (Tuesday), I stopped at Jewel again and bought some midday foods like six Garlic Summer Sausage rolls (6 ounces), six cans of anchovies, six cans of Kipper (fish) snacks, and several packs of sliced pepperoni packs (6 ounces each).

I can also egg fried eggs, bacon (all meats), and even Tic Tacs (whoch are a non-sugar based candy -- no carbs).

The cashiers know exactly what I am doing when I arrive to checkout at the store.

"Dieting?" they ask.


"All protein?"


The foods look weird but are essential.

I can go to Burger King and order double whoppers with cheese, mayonnaise and extra pickles, but I have to use the bread as the "holder" or "gloves". The problem is the cheese melts on the bread so I can't get all the cheese when I eat.

This weight loss is going to happen and I'll keep you posted.

Check out www.WildGardeni.biz for info on Hummus Dip and the Mediterranean Diet and join the revolution.

Strategic Dieting. It can work.

-- Ray Hanania

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