Monday, August 24, 2009

Scam artists solicit donations for phony disabled veteran charities -- watch out Orland Park

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A man called the house using a Private Number Monday night around 9:25 pm saying he was sorry for calling so late but wanted to talk to me about disabled veterans and their needs. When I could hear in the background the room full of telephone banks where these scam artists pretend to raise money for disabled vets but take the majority of the money for themselves.

Where is Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on that issue? AWOL as usual.

When I interupted the caller and asked for their name of their company and a telephone number, and when he hesitated, I said I could not donate, he told me to "f--- off"and he hung up."


Solicitors who call "Private Caller" are ALWAYS scam artists and you should NEVER answer the telephone. These individuals ask you to donate money using your credit card for what sounds like great causes, and then take the majority of the money. In fact, they never identify themselves nor do they tell you their contact number.

They are on the dime and they don't want to waste time with people who call their bluff. So don't be afraid to tell them to f-off because they are lying low-lifes who are exploiting tragedy for their own profit. These telephone bankers are hired to solicit money from the public but it goes into the pocket of the person hiring them.

Don't be afraid to hang up on them. You are NOT insulting disabled veterans. In fact, when they fail to identify themselves and not give you a telephone contact number that you can call back, they are con artists. By hanging up, you are doing a great service to help the disabled veterans and other worthy charities by not giving your money to scammers.

-- Ray Hanania

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