Friday, February 22, 2008

Funn week at new radio show WCEV 1450 AM

Loads of laughs and buttons and technology ... but the first week of radio shows went well ... we had Bill Lipinski on Tuesday helping to analyze the fall of Hillary Clinton and rise of Barack Obama, and Heather Warthen, the editor of the Orland Park Prairie Newspaper talking about the Lane Bryant/Tinley Park killings ... and some listener calls to the new station at WCEV 1450 AM Radio; we had syndicated columnist Suzette Strandring join us to discuss her new book "The Art of Column Writing" and then veteran journalist Monroe Anderson analyzing the latest from the campaign trail with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The best line so far: Dick Cheney is the anti-Christ, but isn't that merely an unjust slander of the anti-Christ?

Check out the archived interviews online at, or download the podcasts for all of the interviews segments.

Next week, we feature former City Clerk Jim Laski Jr., discussing his new controversial book "My Fall from Grace" which exposes allegations of corruption against many big name politicians, but mainly Mayor Richard M. Daley whose administration is soaked in corruption charges.

Ray Hanania

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