Thursday, February 14, 2008

Radio Chicagoland expanding and moving to a new station, WCEV 1450 AM beginning Feb. 19

RadioChicagoland is moving from WJJG AM 1350 Radio to WCEV 1450 AM Radio beginning Feb. 19. The show will now be broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 until 6 PM. The studio call-in line is 773-777-1450. You can listen to the show online on your computer live at I enjoyed my brief stint at WJJG. Joe Gentile and his wife Carol are tremendous people, and so are the staff there. Joey. Eric and Matt. What great engineers. George Bliss, John, the other hosts there, I will miss. They are great people and I hope you continue to support them all.

WCEV offers me the opportunity to expand the show to two days each week later in the afternoon and early evening to appeal to the rushhour crowd, from 4 to 6 PM each night. We'll be taking listener calls now during interviews, and spending more time chatting with callers on major news issues. I hope you will join me when we officially launch the first show Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 4 PM on WCEV 1450 AM radio ... call the studio line at 773-777-1450 and share an opinion ... or listen live on the internet using your computer at

I'll continue to promote the same line of high quality guests, always being fair and inclusive and always respecting the listners. But at the same time, I'll still be "Ray Hanania," controversial, provocative and always seeking to help people better understand our world. You will be able to listen to archived shows at

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-- Ray Hanania Host/Producer

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