Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton's is coming across like a sore loser, whiner and poor leader

Wow. If Hillary Clinton wanted to challenge Barack Obama's leadership flaws, should might have tried not using her own as the measure of who is better or worse. Every time I turn on TV, all I see if Hillary whining about something. She doesn't like this. She doesn;t like that. What she doesn't like is that the public is not buying her agenda, and the resentment many Americans harbored for Bill Clinton's indescretions are starting to come out in full force now. Apparently, we didn't like the Republican fanatics (jerks like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others) hypocritically hammering Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinski episode, but now that those morons have been neutralized, and have been pushed out of the way, we Americans can express our disappointment ourselves.

I think it's time for Hillary to step aside and start supporting the Democratic Party and the strongest candidate to defeat the Republican fanatics and their puppet, sleepy John McCain. Or, is Hillary going to do what she and Bill did by undercutting Al Gore in order to insure the election of George W. Bush so they could "come back" and sweep the elections.

Ah, the best laid plains ...

Ray Hanania

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