Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Drew Peterson pr on TV?

"Drew Peterson Speaks Out?" That is how the Today Show promoted their interview with Drew Peterson, the apparently unluckiest man on Earth. Drew Peterson didn't speak out. He didn't say anything. He is just appearing on TV to get his ugly face on TV. It's sickening. His whole attitude and his lack of concern for his 4th wife id DISGUSTING. And it's pathetic to watch him on TV.

Do we have to see Drew Peterson on TV, smirking and laughing? His 3rd Wife's death was ruled a homicide. Murder. It sounds like the original ruling was manipulated to suggest she died accidentally. Who was the Orland Park Police Officer who was a part of the Will County Coroner's Office jury that pushed the members to rule the death of his 3rd wife was an accident when in fact it has now been ruled a murder?

Do you think Drew Peterson is innocent or guilty? That's one of the questions on tonight's radio show. Call in to the show tonight at 5 PM during the Hot Topics Segment and share your views ont his and other topics.


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Ray Hanania

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