Monday, February 25, 2008

Topics for Tuesday's show at WCEV 1450 AM February 26

Is Hillary Clinton hitting below the belt in her attacks against Barack Obama. Clinton's campaign, clearly upset by Obama's brochures attacking her failed healthcare policies during her husband's administration, and her husband's NAFTA policy, is hitting back. Her campaign allegedly sent a picture of Obama in an Somali "dress" (robes and headdress) that he wore during a tour of Kenya and Somali ... his grandfather is from Kenya near the Somali border and converted to Christianity and then later Islam. Obama went there as a U.S. Senator a few years back to help promote residents there taking HIV tests to promote the fight against AIDS.

But, in the wake of controversial Imam Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, endorsing Obama in a three hour long speech (all Farrakhan knows how to do is give speeches and cause controversy), Clinton's photo of Obama is on the web site of conservative gossip hatemonger Matt Drudge.

Here's the link:

AND ... should Ralph Nader quit the presidential campaign. Nader jumped into the campaign -- his 5th race since 1992 ... here;s my column on the topic:

What's your thoughts on either topic?

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