Monday, June 30, 2008

Orland Park government hypocrisy -- as usual

Not a few days went by since we noted the unkempt condition of the new ("award winning") Orland Park Police Headquarters than the Village of Orland Park sent out a press release on the topic. Not about their failure to maintain one of their properties that had weeds and grass growing more than a foot tall all over the lawn, but about the poor, hapless folk who have lost their homes to mortgage scams and scumbag banking practices protected by the Bush administration and targeted for relief by John McCain.

Sure, village property gets a pass, but if you have your home snatched up by a banker and the bank is not taking care of it, the village wants to hammer you.

The village didn't say peep when the Police Headquarters was getting moans and graons from its citizens, who complained to me and I posted the story last week.

Village officials are so thinned skinned, they took the posting as a personal attack, insteasd of being responsible, because that's the way they are in Orland Park: hypocrites. They love to bask in the glory and public praise -- Mayor Dan McLaughlin is the worst -- his name is all over the village newsletter, the village postings, the village flyers and handouts and all the press releases. But not a peep when the screw up.

Of course, there are a few village employees running around throwing around their weight threatening businesse to get their daughters placed in programs, telling business owners if they don't give their daughter a break, they have clout and can "make you are break you." A direct quote from one business owner.

You won't see McLaughlin do anything about that. Hell, he can't take any criticism at all about Orland Park.

Here's the story from the Southtown on plans to crack down on unkempt properties.

McLaughlin used to be a great guy, long before clout and power and privilege got to his head. Too bad. He could have been great. But that's one reason why he's not in statewide office, and the talk is to push others around him who have the talent, like Police Chief Tim McCarthy, who many admire as wanting to do the right thing.

Ray Hanania

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