Thursday, June 5, 2008

Storms hammer Orland Park and southwest suburbs

At first, I thought there was something wrong with my cable again. Comcast Cable TV is plagued with delays, signal breaks and freezing ... Wednesday night, the digital display where the time and channel show was replace dby the letters "EAS" ... at first, I was't sure what was going on because my sona nd I were playing the Wii System on the TV. The digital box displayed the "EAS," and returned to the Time and then displayed the "EAS" again.

As the sky really got dark outside, I figured maybe EAS wasn't just some scramble on the Comcast system, but a warning. "Emergency Alert System" I figured out later. Duuh!

As it turns out, the Alerts were not really for Orland Park, but for Northern Indiana and far south suburban counties where tornadoes were being predicted.

But overnight, the thunder and lightning lit up the Orland sky. The flashing blasts of lightening was right over our community. It was so loud it woke everyone in the house. The dog is so afraid of thunder that he hides under a pillow, but just can't find security anywhere.

Lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place but it did in the same town. Two homes were struck by lightning, with one home reporting their chimney had been blown off the house and tossed throughout the yard.

Some trees were damaged and even the water system seemed tested for a while. But all is reported well today.

Here's a link to a WMAQ TV news Report:

Ray Hanania

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