Friday, June 6, 2008

Zalewski's son gets the nod for 21st State Representative

As we reported exclusively last week, Michael J. Zalewski got the nod to replace retiring State Rep. Bob Molaro in the 21st District. Zalewski's father is 23rd Ward Alderman and Democratic Committeeman.

Some of the media have their panties in a bunch, as I predicted. In particular, one columnist, a novice little lady who likes to look down on others from her perch. The columnist likes to take cheap shots, at others. As she always does. No problem. That's the way she writes. She writes for a great newspaper, by the way, my former alma mater. And she took at a shot at me, which I expected. Yes. I beat her out of several Society of Professional Journalism Lisagor Awards. I have won three (3) -- two in the last five years. (And, named Best Ethnic American Columist in America by the New America Media). And THAT makes me a bit more "credible" than she ... :)

But, even without the awards, I am a better writer.

The bottom line is Michael J. was named as a successor. Molaro resigned properly. But because he didn't call her, she is in a little snit. Slamming Molaro and Zalewski. Typical media hypocrites. They love to bash the politicians, but rarely every take on their own industry any more -- except when they are trying to deprecate rival newspaper columnists (with more credible journalism awards, anyway).

As I wrote in my column, Zalewski didn't sneak anything by the taxpayers or the voters. He announced in publicly and a week before the public meeting of the committeemen from the 21st District. Reporters who cover the 21st District were well aware of it, even if the other little lady was not. And as I also reported, Zalewski has to run in the November election. So in otherwords, although the little columnist with the out-of-joint nose doesn't get to tell the people of the 21st District who will represent them, the voters do get a choice. And they get repeated choices, too, when Zalewski runs for re-election.

The only person who needs a pacifier isn't Zalewski, as the little lady wrote. She does.

Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaa!

Ray Hanania

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