Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Flag Day Press Release from American Legion

Legion Flag Experts Available for Interviews as Flag Day Approaches


National American Legion experts on the U.S. Flag Code, flag etiquette
Available to discuss proper methods to display flag; why flag protection is important

Monday, June 9 through Friday, June 13. Available live between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (EDT) or taping by phone. To book a spokesperson, call Kara Albert at (317) 630-1253 today.
Flag Day is Saturday, June 14. Where:

National Headquarters of The American Legion in Indianapolis, IN. Background: Founded in Paris, France, in 1919 by a group of World War I veterans, the 2.7 million member American Legion is the nation’s largest veterans organization.


The American Legion is recognized as the preeminent expert source of information on the U.S. Flag Code. It publishes and distributes the pamphlet, “Let’s be Right on Flag Etiquette,” a comprehensive guide on how to properly display the U.S. Flag under all conditions. Additionally, the Legion awards flag appreciation certificates to honor those individuals, organizations and businesses that display the Flag on a daily basis. A number of youth-oriented comic books relate the history, significance and proper treatment of the United States Flag. The DVD, “For Which It Stands,” provides U.S. Flag etiquette training for America’s classrooms. Information on the proper display of the flag can be found at The American Legion Internet website:


Rekindled the tradition of the Blue Star Service Banner to recognize and honor our Armed Forces and their families during this war on terrorism.

Established the Blue Star Service Flag (Government and Corporate) to enable municipalities and businesses to fly a flag recognizing their employees in the National Guard and Reserves who have been called to active duty in the war against terrorism.

Founded the Citizens Flag Alliance, a group of over 140 civic, fraternal and veterans organizations with one purpose: restore the right to protect Old Glory from acts of physical desecration to the people through a constitution amendment.

Media Contact: Kara Albert (317) 630-1253.

Kara Albert

Boys Nation Media Representative
National Headquarters of The American Legion
P.O. Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206
Office Phone: 317.630.1255
Cell Phone: 309.826.0586
Fax: 317.630.1368

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