Friday, June 27, 2008

Where's the charitable money in Orland Park

Well, the Internet is an amazing thing. You can look up all of the charitable institutions 501 (c) 3s all the way to 501(c) 7s and up to c13s, too. Contributions to a C3 are tax deductible. Contributions to a C7 are not, they are social and recreation clubs who also have to make their financial funds public.

So who has the most money?

Not surprisingly, the Crystal Tree Golf and Tennis Club has more, according to the latest report. They have $16.1 million in the bank, with $5.4 million in non-tax-deductible donations collected this year. That's a lot of tennis balls.

The Andrew Family Foundation is a C3 and has $12.6 million in the bank with $4.97 million in taxable donations this last reporting period. That's a lot of library books.

Then, there are the common sized funds:

Orland Park Open Lands Corporation has $5 million in the bank, having collected $222,164, which is tax deductible.

The Michael A. and Frances Halikas Charitable Trust has $1.6 million in its tight coffers, collecting a mere $780 in the last reporting period.

The Lambrecht Family Foundation has $1.1 million in the bank, and collected $1.4 million. Someone should hire their manager for the other funds, though the description doesn't say what the LFF does.

And then there are a list of smaller ones, under one million in the bank.

The Lions Club has $152,000.

The Rotary only has $130,000.

The Kiwanis have $85,000.

Knights of Columbus? Zilch! Same for the American Legion.

The Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce has $131,596, from $236,944 they collected.

You can go to:

And put your zip code in to see what foundations and charitable institutions exist and how much they have.

Ray Hanania

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askoppl said...


Even though the Orland Park Public Library is the Aileen S. Andrew Memorial, the last funding we received from any of the Andrew family was for the circulation desk in our new building (2004). The Foundation donated monies to build the original building and first addition at our former location which is now the Village of Orland Park Cultural Center. We no longer receive any funding from the Andrew Family Foundation, therefore your statement of "That's a lot of library books" is incorrect.

Robin Wagner
Orland Park Public Library