Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Campaign Election Disclosure Notes for Orland Park

This past week, all candidates and their political campaign funds were required to file disclosures on their fundraising activities for the past six months between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2008.

Here some notes about who has what money:

I - Regular Democratic Org for Orland Twp:
Purpose: Support of the Democratic Party in Orland Twp

Daniel J McLaughlin, Chairman; Paul M Aubin, Treasurer.

Available funds: $12,263.47

Paid phone bills, Aubin and hosted golf outing

II - Citizens For Daniel J McLaughlin:
Purpose: Support Daniel J. Mclaughlin For Elective Office

Created in 1993

Available funds: $36,185.45
Invested funds: $157,083.62

Biggest expenditure: Computer Bits Inc. 7805 Palm DriveOrland Park, IL 60462
$1,864.35 , 3/28/2008 and previously on $329.00 , 1/11/2008

III - Orland Trustees:

Bernard Muprhy $2,670.59

Kathy Fenton $15,409.37
Contributions from the usual suspects: Klein Thorpe and Jenkins, Ed Mulcahy, Edward, McDonough & Assc., and also McLaughlin, Kevin Joyce (19th Ward) and State Rep Kevin McCarthy.

Brad O’Halloran $14,236.70
Gave money to Pat Maher and Kathy Fenton
Owes himself $5,500

Patricia Gira $2,793.53
No activity in the past six months

Ed Schussler $4,713.74
No activity in past six months

Jim Dodge $21,026.47
No activity in past six months

IV - The Gorman Good Government Group
Purpose: To elect Elizabeth Ann Doody Gorman to public office.

Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth Doody Gorman
That's an understatement. Gorman, the replaced Cook County GOP Committeeman, did nothing for Republican candidates except try to sabotage one Republican who has a shot at winning the state's attorneys race, Tony Peraica. The new chairman is Lee Roupas, GOP Committeeman from Palos Township. He had Gorman's backing.

Available funds: $20,471.05
Owes Gerald Gorman: $255,145.00

Biggest receipt so far: has Season Tickets for the White Sox which cost $8,142 … that she shares with Odelson & Sterk (Todd Stroger’s Lawyers), Elgin’s Tim Schneider, and County Commissioner Pete Silvestri. Each, including the Commissioner, has a ¼ share in the season tickets at $2,714

V - Friends of Patrick M Maher
Purpose: To support Patrick Maher for political office.
13637 Cherry Ln, Orland Park, IL 60462-1621

Created March 24, 2008

Funds available: $12,917.13

Biggest contributors: Village Clerk David Maher, Deputy Clerk, Joe Lemargo, and attorneys Klein Thorpe and Jenkins, who do work in the village.

Officers: Paul M Aubin Treasurer, McLaughlin’s treasurer, and Patrick M Maher Chairman

McLaughlin gave him money ($500) as did some 19th Ward big shots like Dan Hynes ($1,500), as well as several unions close to McLaughlin.

Maher is the President of the Orland Fire Protection District. The current board consists of President Patrick Maher (2011), Treasurer Marty McGill (2013), Secretary Patricia Corcoran (2009), Trustee Salvatore "Bob" Cacciato (2011) and Trustee Glenn Michalek (2013).

So why did he create this campaign fund in March?


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