Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Orland Park official I trust insists there will be no property tax increase

An Orland Park official who will remain nameless, who I trust, told me that the Village of Orland Park has no plans to increase taxes in Orland Park to address the projected budget "shortfall."

I normally do not trust elected officials given the past history of dishonesty I've encountered in 32 years of covering Chicago and suburban politics, but this one official I do trust.

The official also said that they may have to trim some programs back that have not received the kind of public buy-in that other more popular programs have received, in order to save money.

The economy has not been good for anyone, including in Orland Park, so these kinds of challenges, the official said, should be expected. The official said it isn't a "deficit," although my experience as a government reporter tells me a "shortfall" in any antiicpated budget is a deficit until it is filled.

As for the Public Notice, maybe saying "Not for Publication" was not a smart thing.

But, if this was the first budget meeting for the village, Mayor McLaughlin sure didn't start on the right foot of building public confidence by calling it in such short notice (Friday, June 27, for Monday, June 30 meeting). It made it seem like it is an emergency rather than "a normal process of reviewing the budget challenges" that face Orland Park, as the official, whom I respect, insisted.

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Ray Hanania

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