Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Same old foot dragging in Springfield on Healthcare

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Legislature's Failure To Pass Health Care Reform and Balanced Budget Raises Health Care Costs for Everyone

(Springfield) Our health care system is broken. We're all paying more while the insurance companies make record profits as they deny coverage at historic levels. Every year more hard working Illinois families and businesses can't afford to pay for health care.

Yet, some in Springfield believe that the health care crisis is just a delusion. Inaction by the Illinois House for the past two years on passing comprehensive health care reform, and now passing a budget that even House leadership and representatives admit is not balanced, mean Illinoisans could be forced to pay even more for health care insurance. Millions could be denied coverage or have their treatments delayed, and the provider community could be forced to raise their costs.

Enough is enough.

In a year when state legislators debated an 11.7% pay increase for themselves, the budgets of Illinois families and businesses continued to stagger under skyrocketing health care costs. Relief is available, but only if the House chooses to act. So far, they have not. Once again, they are holding health care reform hostage to a crisis of their own creation, and once again, it is the families, businesses, providers and health care consumers of Illinois that will suffer needlessly because of their inaction.

"The General Assembly needs to pass a budget that will ensure no cuts to existing health care programs, and to pass comprehensive reform that guarantees access to quality, affordable health care to all Illinoisans. Illinois deserves better!" stated Jim Duffett, Executive Director of the Campaign for Better Health Care.

On July 9, The Campaign for Better Health Care urges all Illinoisans to contact their State Representative and tell them that you are tired of inaction. You are tired of paying more than your fair share in health care costs, or of having to simply do without health coverage so that you can pay for the rising costs of other basics: gas, food, a place to live for you and your family.

Urge your representative to pass a balanced budget that does not cut health care.

Urge them to honor the promises they have made to do the right thing by hard working Illinois families and businesses, and to finally pass comprehensive health care reform guaranteeing quality, affordable health care to all.

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