Monday, July 7, 2008

Orland Park Police Headquarters lawn caper solved

Well, the caper of Orland Park's awardwinning but surly and unkempt Police Headquarters lawn has been solved, in response to the, of course.

The good news: They mowed the lawn. Well, most of it. They mowed the lawn in the triangle right in front of the headquarters, and along the public easement on the street side of the sidewalks. Looks nice and clean. You can actually read the sign now.

But the lawn behind and around the sign, and along the building on 151st Street on the building side of the sidewalk has been designated protected natural wild open grasslands. A sign has been put up -- finally explaining the jungle -- that reads "Three Year Prairie Grass Project."

When I lived in Chicago many years ago, one of my neighbors had a "three year prairie grass project" on his front lawn. It didn't look very good. The problem with wild Tall Grass, if that's what they are hoping for or an open lands prairie is that the prairies next to buildings look like bad lawns, still.

So does this one. It looks like a mess. But, an intentional mess! At least we finally have the answer now to the Police Headquarters Lawn caper. People driving past can stop calling and emailing me, asking about why the police headquarters lawn is so messy. It's "the wild!" You have your answer. We're glad to help.

Someone from the village will probably eventually write or email (don't hold your breath on that, though) to say they explained all this to the local news media. Wow! Usually the local news media runs all of the village's press releases, verbatim. So why not this one?

Ray Hanania

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