Sunday, July 20, 2008

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The best headline so far on the Rev. Jesse Jackson broken record faux pas is in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Would the real Jesse Jackson please sit down? And be quiet?" by writer Bob Ray Sanders. (I love those Texan names!)

Catch my column on the elder Jackson's history of outrageous conduct (and more) on the HuffingtonPost at

John McCain is blasting Barack OBama saying the Illinois Senator doesn't have the foreign policy experience to be the president. That's one reason why Obama is now fist-bumping his way through a trip covering Iraq and Afghanistan, the Middle East and Europe.

But the real question is this: McCain says he has the foreign policy experience. If that is the case, then why didn't he use it instead of being a shill for President George W. Bush and okay almost every stupid foreign policy decision the president made? What's worse, a guy who tries to the right thing but doesn't have all the experience, or one who has the experience but never uses it like McCain.

One reason why Obama is doing so well is that his running mate is John McCain, a wishy-washy, lackluster, try-to-make-every-happy kind of politician. TAKE A REAL STAND MACCAIN. If there were someone else running against Obama ... someone who was centrist and a leader, , Obama might be vilnerable. Someone like Congressman Bob Murtha, the first Vietnam Veteran to be elected to serve in the House and who, unlike McCain, took on the Bush administration's war lies.

Chicago Ald. Mike Zalewski has proposed increasing the fine for vehicles with tinted windows from $25 to $250. The darkened widnows are a danger to the safety of police officers and it is amazing how many cars have their front passenger and front windshields tinted in Chicago ... A car with only the back half windows tinter doesn't look as "cool" but it would be far safer for police.

The law should be enforced as strictly across the state -- but that might cause some discomfort for some politicians who love driving in limousines with full tinted windows.

Here's more information on the Oak Lawn Children's Museum:

It's a great place to visit now. It's going to be even greater when it moves into it's new, two-story facilities later this year.

Here's a story I did on the museum recently.

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