Saturday, July 18, 2009

GOP candidate for Governor challenges slow response in Burr Oak cemetery scandal

Dan Proft, the first Republican to throw his hat in the ring for Illinois Governor, takes on an issue many in the public -- Democrat and Republican are saying -- that Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes was slow to respond to the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal and that while oversight is his responsibility, instead of being responsible, he's seeking to pass a new law instead of enforcing the one we have.

Introducing a "new law" is a great way to grab headlines as you position yourself for higher office, which is not the constitutional responsibility of the State Comptroller but does seem to be the primary responsibility of Comptroller Dan Hynes.

Hynes comes from a powerful family based in the 19th Ward which over the years has been extending its Machine Power to subordinate suburbanites in Orland Park under their political control. The Hynes family is backing and picking and choosing candidates for the Southwest suburban community as if it is their domain and already has people chosen to run and not run for office there this Spring and Fall. Hynes is an advocate of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley who built the Democratic Machine but is failing to heed Daley's words: Good Government is Good Politics.

In other words, when you practice good government and do the job you asked to be hired to do, the public recognizes that work and rewards you, especially when you go beyond the work you are SUPPOSED to do. You get rewarded for going above and beyond, not for what you are getting paid to do. Dan Hynes should do what he was paid to do.

Tragically, the mainstream media have been falling into shaking lapdogs for the mainstream politicians like Michael J. Madigan who has built up his machine but has single handedly put Illinois into a deficit so large no amount of tax increases will help. Some of these media have targeted Proft because of his allegiance to the more conservative views of the Republican Party.

So I don't know. Is it better, as you read Dan Proft's column, to be a lapdog for the do-nothing system, or a "junk yard dog" as branded below who is doing something to fight for the rights of the voters?

Here's Dan Proft's column. His web site is

FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2009

This "junkyard dog" has a bite worse than his bark.

Dear Friend:

“He’s fast getting the reputation as the junkyard dog in the race.”
- Rich Miller, The Capitol Fax Blog, July 17

That’s what Rich Miller had to say about me today. And I say, so be it.

Articulating a contrast vision for our party and our state, pointing out substantive policy differences, and taking the fight to the Chicago Democrats to make them defend systems they do not want to defend is characterized as being a “junkyard dog” because this approach to serious policy issues is as foreign to Springfield as are my proposals to cut taxes and impose statutory spending caps.

I would also remind my fellow Republicans of another unpleasant reality in Springfield. There is a gentleman down there named Mike Madigan. You may have heard of him. He’s been Speaker of the Illinois House for 36 of the last 38 years. And he is no puppy dog.

System change in state government will not occur without incident.

System change in state government requires taking on the Chicago 9, those nine Chicago Democrats who run the show in this state and who always seem to be more focused on filling their pockets with your money than with fulfilling their sworn duties.

The gruesome Burr Oak Cemetery scandal unearthed yet another instance where the Chicago 9 – in this case Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes – were more concerned with perpetuating their power than living up to their responsibilities.

It would not surprise anyone to learn that grave-robbing is illegal. But the response of Mr. Hynes, the constitutional officer who is responsible for cemetery oversight, is to pass a new law, grab a headline, move out, and move up.

Cemetery oversight is the statutory duty of the Comptroller and Mr. Hynes failed to fulfill his duty.

Click here to read more about how Mr. Hynes was too busy raising campaign cash from the politically-connected to concern himself with his current fiduciary responsibilities to Illinois taxpayers.

If you want to send more puppy chow to Springfield for Speaker Madigan, Dan Hynes and the other members of the Chicago 9 to devour, then I am not your candidate.

If, however, you want to send a pit bull or, to use Mr. Miller’s moniker, a “junkyard dog,” to take up your fight, to attack the bad policies that have destroyed Illinois’ economy and to advance conservative, market reforms, then unleash me on the political establishment in Springfield.

Help me get the word out to Republican voters from Zion to Cairo that there is Republican junkyard dog ready to take the fight to the Chicago Democrats.


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