Friday, July 17, 2009

Schaumburg comes under the spotlight over traffic light camera reversal

The Schuamburg Freedom Coalition had led the way in exposing problems in their west suburban community and besides the insightful analysis of taxation they have done over the many months, they also spotlighted the issue of traffic cameras at intersections.

Schaumburg, it turns out, was using the traffic cameras to generate village revenues. It didn't matter whether you really broke the law or not, if you were a motorist and came close to breaking the law, you broke it, as far as the tough interpretation of the Big-Brother video surveillance system was concerned. The decisions were made by clout-heavy contractors who financed campaign contributions to local politicians so they could secure the rights to install the excessively priced and costly cameras (with costly maintenance charges that fattened the contractors.)

The story was picked up by the major media, like the Chicago Tribune many days later, though, when residents in Schaumburg began protesting the oppression and unfairness of the camera light system. The protests were so vocal that the local politicians, mostly spineless self-driven political opportunists, decided to reverse their strategy to cover their inept leadership and village financial troubles by hammering motorists. Seems most of the motorists ticketed were residents, for flimsy charges of making a right turn without making a full three-second stop at the light.

And the village quickly reversed its policies and started to remove the traffic cameras.

Schaumburg is living proof that the citizens of a community can make a difference if they just get off their lazy asses and if there is someone there who can help them focus on the important issues, like the Schaumburg Freedom Coalition. This is a salute to people victory and the power of the Schaumburg freedom Coalition.

-- Ray Hanania

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