Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nick Valadez announces candidacy for the 6th Cook County Board District challenging Joan Murphy

Nick Valadez announced his candidacy for the Cook County Board in the 6th District surrounded by 150 of his supporters out in Tinley Park Saturday. He hammered his opponent, incumbent Joan Murphy, who not only sponsored County Board President Todd Stroger's 1 percent hike int he sales tax, she tried to double it to a 2 percent sales tax increase which would be an even greater burden on taxpayers.

Murphy has never had to worry about being re-elected. She was backed by Crestwood's former mayor Chester Stranczek who was recently replaced by his son. But it turns out that while the Stranczeks were in power, the water in the village was contaminated with hazardous materials that many believe are behind the high rate of cancer there. Murphy has defended Stranczek and called those who complained about the increase in the sales tax and the hazardous water in Crestwood whiners.

Valadez is tapping the growing anger with Murphy, who is unresponsive to voter needs and does whatever Stroger tells her to do. She's a Machine candidate who takes her orders from machine insiders. in contrast, Valadez is taking his campaign to the people. He is running much of it on the Internet, which is the new media, and by going out and actually meeting voters one-on-one. He's combining old politics with new media and it can be very powerful.

I stopped by his announcement today and here is a links to a video interview posted on Facebook Video and also on MySpace Video.

His web site is where you can read about his background.

Valadez wants to give you information and hold down the costs of taxation in Cook County. Murphy wants business as usual and is unaccountable.

The choice is simple.

-- Ray Hanania

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