Friday, July 24, 2009

Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes entering governor's race gives voters best choice

When Pat Quinn was an outsider, he was a great advocate and champion of the public's rights. But ever since he got "political religion" and became an insider,m snubbing community media and pimping for the powers that be so he can "retire" with final gubernatorial glory, he has been a huge disappointment.

As a champion of the public's rights, Pat Quinn was our spokesman. As our governor pushing an unprecedented income tax hike, Pat Quinn is a hypocrite. As a governor who regularly snubs community media to play favoritism with the "big, biased mainstream news media," Pat Quinn is a phony.

That's why the entrance of Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes into the race gives voters their best choice for governor on the Democratic side. Hynes is the best alternative to Quinn and with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan making a concern-for-the-public choice to take a pass on the governor's office and the U.S. Senate office, Hynes has clear sailing and we wish him the best in the Democratic primary.

The November election becomes difficult for voters and so far there are few Republican party candidates advocating for the interests of the voters. Dan Proft, who represents the heart and soul of the Republican Party, is probably the best candidate although funding will decide who wins in that race. Visit for info.

But the anticipated Hynes announcement for governor is a welcome relief from the alternative insider's choice with Pat Quinn, the former Don Quixote who thinks he is now a Democratic Don with "family" ties.

-- Ray Hanania