Saturday, July 25, 2009

Most disgusting thing to see is arrogant police fail to do their jobs

The most disgusting thing I saw tonight was the CBS 48 Hours investigation into the bungling of the Peggy Hetterick murder in 1987 and the outright bungling and mishandling and apparent railroading of the wrong suspect by the Fort Collins, Colorado Police Department and chief officer leading the investigation, James Broderick.

Why is Broderick not charged and jailed for his pathetic performance as a police investigator. His failings in the investigation of the murder of Peggy Hetterick border and may even cross misconduct and he should be sent to jail to compensate for the grief and suffering his bungling caused to Tim Masters, who Broderick railroaded into a conviction.

Broderick claims he didn't intentionally withhold any evidence, even though much evidence was withheld that would have cleared Masters, who spent nine years in jail for a crime he did not convict. Worse is that because of the pathetic and incompetent work of James Broderick, the real murderer of Peggy Hetterick has been free.

The 48 Hours Investigation showed that the DNA evidence pointed to Hetterick's boyfriend, whom Broderick never pointed any suspicion.

Broderick is the poster child of everything that is morally and ethically corrupt with police in this country, a symbol of how incompetent police even when exposed refuse to acknowledge their own failings and would rather lie and deny than accept responsibility for a travesty of justice.

Not only should Broderick be jailed but the two prosecutors who are now judges should be brought before a judicial review and jailed themselves.

Pathetic. Disgusting. Shameful. The Fort Collins, Colorado Police Department should hang its professional head in shame as this wrong prosecution is a blemish and dark cloud that will forever mark their unprofessionalism.

Jim Broderick does not deserve to ever hold the title of "investigator" because he couldn't investigate his way out of a paper bag.

-- Ray Hanania

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