Monday, October 4, 2010

At least State Rep. Kevin McCarthy knows how to campaign

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At least State Rep. Kevin McCarthy knows how to campaign

State Rep. Kevin McCarthy ventured from his office, one house away from me, to stop by and say hi. He's walking the precincts, which is a good thing to do these days. Not take the election for granted.

McCarthy's challenger, Jeffrey Junkas, hasn't been around at all and the one conversation I had with was uncomfortable as he has somewhat extremist conservative views. 

I wasn't home when McCarthy came by but my wife and son said he was the epitome of respect. He acknowledged he has to get out there more and work harder to reach voters with his message. And he was respectful, which means he understands the role of columnists. I don't expect friendship but I do expect elected officials to talk to the voters.

I didn't like McCarthy's mailers
, though I know he is a good person
. They were below him. The one slamming Junkas was not worth the time or money to print, the usual strategy of a PR consultant with no real experience. Why slam Junkas when you can tell voters what you stand for? And be specific. Tell your media people to work a little harder at representing what you really stand for in the mailers. Don't waste my time with a generic mailer with pictures of seniors on it, especially one with a black eye. It was offensive. And had it not come in the mail, I might not have wailed on McCarthy's campaign.

There's no doubt in my mind that McCarthy is going to win. Junkas doesn't have the money. He has an abrasive personality. And he has helped to split the Republican party with his internal squabbles. I happen to like Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman, the Republican incumbent. She's a good representative. And she's stood up for the right causes. Maybe Junkas should look around at who is around him and make some new decisions if he really wants to be a contender.

And just because you are going to win, Rep. McCarthy, doesn't mean you should take the voters for granted. Mail out some good literature. Tell the public what you stand for. Speak from the heart, not from the talents of some over-politicized political consultant.

I want to see a mailer who tells the people who McCarthy is, followed by one that tells the voters what he plans to do and why.

That would impress me.

Working hard to earn voter support, even if you have a cake walk, is a good way to show the voters you care.

-- Ray Hanania

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