Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maher-Gorman battle heats up over signs and Maher's past conviction

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Democrat Pat Maher accused his incumbent rival this week of tearing down his campaign signs, but Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman said the charge is another one of Maher's lies.

Some signs have been torn down, but it looks like supporters on both sides are damaging the other signs. The Gorman sign on the lawn of my neighbor was torn down last night. Maher said that his signs were also taken down the same day.

The accusation from Maher came the same day that the Gorman campaign mailed out a hard-hitting two page fold-out detailing Maher's past criminal record and his apparent attempts to hide the conviction. (Click HERE to read a story on the conviction.)

Maher said the story is false, although it has been detailed at length on FOX 32 TV by Dane Placko. The records are filed with the courts and cannot be falsified, Gorman said.

"No signs were taken down at all," Gorman responded. 

"Our volunteers went door-to-door and they got a great response from residences. We didn't open mailboxes like the other side to drop literature."

Gorman said many voters who had put Maher signs on their lawns took them down after reading about his past criminal record.

Gorman said that many voters were not aware of his past, or allegations that he intentionally changed his birth date by one day to make discovery of the court records more difficult to find. The conviction was not detailed in his newspaper interviews at two newspapers including the SouthtownStar, but when word got out that FOX 32 was investigating, Maher acknowledged his past in only one interview with the Arlington Heights Daily Herald.

-- Ray Hanania

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