Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GAP Logo change: Shows you how shallow most people are today

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Really. The GAP decides to change its logo and thousands of people -- many in the design industry who did not get the contract, start screaming. Seriously. Is that what people care about these days. The old GAP logo and the new GAP logo are truly the least important things we should be getting up in arms about in today's world. People are starving to death. Unemployment is still outrageous. And what gets people motivated

The old logo, dumped and now back:

The new logo, that has been scrapped
Honestly. The new logo looks far better than the old logo. The old logo is tired and unimaginative. The new one suggests moving in to the new century.

But the GAP owners cower under fear of offending the market, when the reality is the only people offended are a few over-active bloggers and a marketing industry upset that it didn't get the contract to design a new logo.

The GAP's real problem though is in execution. It's how they unveiled it that caused them problems. Instead of preparing the public, and alerting them so it wasn't a surprise -- surprise always makes for bad news in any industry -- they simply posted the new logo on the web site without any pre-notice and it was a surprise.

Pathetic and said reflect on our society. Shallow. Overly critical. Too angry. Ignoring so much that the GAP has done to make our lives easier. I prefer clothes from the GAP and have all my life. If the GAP wants to design a new logo, I support it.

But like with people who write letters to the editor, only those people who are upset take the time to do so. People who are happy have no emotional fuel or temper to push them to write anything. So the one angry letter looks like 500 when in fact it only represents one angry letter. And for every one angry letter, there are usually more than 500 positive people who feel the opposite but don't have the emotion-charged motivation to write and express their views.

Grow a spine GAP and tell the whiners to shut the f up!

-- Ray Hanania

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