Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two garbage mailers from State Rep. Kevin McCarthy, one slamming his opponent, the other, makes no sense

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Two garbage mailers from State Rep. Kevin McCarthy, one slamming his opponent, the other, makes no sense

I got two mailers this week from State Rep. Kevin McCarthy. His office is a stone's throw away from my house -- not to give his staff any ideas. Although reading his brochures, maybe I should check my insurance for vandalism, just in case.

McCarthy's mailers represent the kind of low-class garbage that a legislator who has done nothing in office usually relies on to pull the wool over the voters'eyes.

They usually begin with a personal attack against the opponent. Then they are followed by a mailer that promotes the legislator in some obscure, generic way.

McCarthy's first mailer slams his Republican challenger Jeffrey Junkas. It claims that Junkas can't be trusted to protect consumers because, well, it says he was a spokesman for a credit reporting agency.

That's you criticism of Junkas? The guy has more ideas than you've introduced in the legislature during your entire career.

Then McCarthy sent out a mailer showing him talking to three old ladies with white hair about "elder abuse." He fought to pass "new reforms" to protect nursing home residents. Well, that's not really true, but who cares, right? The picture shows McCarthy talking to three white haired old ladies. We have no idea what they are talking about and one could argue that maybe McCarthy belongs in a nursing home himself. I mean if you are going to do very little as a legislator, that makes you basically paid to be retired.

The other side of the brochure is truly disgusting. It has a closeup up of an elderly woman with a black eye. The picture is so offensive it prompted me to write this blog post. Normally I don't waste my time on do-nothing legislators. But the picture was truly offensive.

The odds are favorable to McCarthy to be re-elected. He is the incumbent. He's never done anything so he's never involved in any controversies. There are a lot of Southwest Side and suburban legislators who do nothing and rely on doing nothing to keep them out of the news. Why take a chance that a good idea might backfire.

And then at election time, they tell you about all the things they have done to protect you. They never talk about how under their leadership, Illinois has become one of the worst state's in the country, a state noted mainly for its culture of corruption -- and they can't blame that on former Gov. Rod Blagojevich because Illinois' culture of corruption has been in place for more than two decades.

But the real reasons McCarthy is going to win includes: a - voters are stupid and don't care about anything except complaining. b - Junkas' main talent is not winning support but making enemies, including in his own Republican Party.

So no wonder we voters don't waste our time.

It's a flip of a coin that bounces on the ground and then rolls into a gutter.

-- Ray Hanania

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