Monday, September 1, 2008

Creepy looking photo of Mayor Daley on Chicago Magazine Cover

I don't know about you but I thought the photo of Mayor Daley on the front page of this month's edition of Chicago Magazine was a bit creepy. Strange looking both in how the mayor is looking and also the excessive detail in the photo quality. It's not flattering.

The article does a nice job of comparing little Rich to Daddy Daley both in and out of politics.

I thought the Rev. Jesse Jackson's comment, which was intended to point out the more subtle racism of the son compared to the father that the Democratic Machine only cares about the North and Northwest Side and doesn't care about the South and West Sides is tellling. Jackson doesn't care about the Southwest Side.

Notice how the Southwest Side is marginalized not only by the Chicago Machine -- I agree with part of Jackson's assessment, and then is excluded even from the race debate by Jackson.

Good, bad or ungly, no one cares about the Southwest Side and that is sad because the elected officials don't care because they know you sleepy heads in the Southwest Side are too numb from watching America's Got Talent or Deal or No Deal (where no one has ever won a million dollars yet -- rip-off!) and are fixated on the Boob-Tube.

I also posted my 1999 review of the Chicago news media coverage of Jane Byrne. That was 20 years later. Now, we are watching it turn to 30 years. Man does time fly. The link to the series is on the blog front page on the right.

-- Ray Hanania

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