Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fight Humana/Humana One and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Liars

You can fight the robber barons in the healthcare industry. There is a great web site where you can share your story of rejection from the health companies and read the challenges the health industry is causing in our society by visiting this web site and passing it along.


I will be talking with the organizers on my radio show at WJJG 1530 AM Weekdays Monday-Friday from 8-9:30 AM.

Human One is a scam. They claim to be the best coverage out there but beware. They are LIARS. They will reject you if they do not wish to cover you in violation of the law. And because the state of Illinois is so screwed up under Rod Blagojevich and Mike Madigan, there is nothing you can do except protest and wait to punish them when the laws change as they wille ventually.

Until then, don't sign up for Humana One. It is a scam and you are NOT guaranteed insurance coverage at all. They will exclude even pre-conditions that THEY covered.

Human sucks. And I would let them get away with their lies.

Fight back. Protest against Humana and complain to the legislature.

Ray Hanania

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