Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Team candidates pool resources in west suburbs

For Immediate Release • September 22, 2008


St..Charles Il.

The Green Team, consisting of 4 area legislative candidates, from the Illinois Green Party has developed a platform centered around 10 issues to be promoted by the team. Dane Willman (43rd), Dan Kairis (50th), James Dusing (70th), and Gerard Schmitt (95th) whose districts include parts of Kane, DeKalb, DuPage, and Cook counties are focusing on issues they feel are being ignored by the other parties.

The Green Team candidates believe a restructuring of the elementary grades and more equitable school funding are the two most important issues in our state. Also included in the Green Team platform are recall, term limits, verifiable paper ballots, elimination of automatic legislative pay hikes, elimination of corporate campaign contributions, community based politics- (open primaries and equal ballot access), non-partisan election of judicial system officials, and forbidding state contracts to large campaign contributors.

The Green Team offers an alternative to the ineffective leadership and “politics as usual” so pervasive in Springfield politics. The 55 Illinois Green Party candidates on the November ballot is the largest challenge to the entrenched politicians in decades. The Green Team can be reached at 866-492-8013

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